Here is a link to a template file to create a draft class. The file is called PBdraft.rkf and can be opened with any database editing program.

An important thing to know is you're going to need to keep a copy of any draft classes you create on your computer somewhere - the game will only recognize the file to import if it is called PBdraft.rkf so you're going to want to create a file and save it as say 2018.rkf, 2017.rkf etc... and then when you want to use one copy and paste it and then change the name to PBdraft.rkf

The PBdraft.rkf file must be placed in your league's save game folder. Starting with 2019 this is now located in your documents folder under Wolverine Studios\DDSPBxx\Leagues\ - there you should find a folder for your league. Place the PBdraft.rkf file in that folder. Then proceed to the popup where you will choose the FILE IMPORT option. In prior versions the saves folder was located in the game's main install path.

It's always a good idea to save the game and keep a back up your files before importing the rookies the first time you to it just to make sure nothing goes wrong