The base game comes with two beautiful courses - Wolverine Golf Club and Florida Bay. Those courses do not need to be licensed in any way.

You can purchase additional courses from our webstore. Courses can only be purchased from our webstore and will work with the game even if you have the Steam version. Courses are not available as DLC for Steam.

When you purchase a course or course pack you will receive a receipt via email that will give you a license key for the games as well as a link to download the course file(s). The course files must be placed in the proper location to be used. This typically would be C:/Wolverine Studios/DDSPG although if you purchased the game from Steam it will have a different install path typically in C:/Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/DDSPG

Find the courses folder and unzip the contents of the course file in that folder. You should see a Coursename.cor file and then a folder for that Course. When you go to use the course for the first time in the game you will be prompted for a license key. Copy and paste the license key from your email (dashes included) and then the course will be unlocked for all future use on that computer.