If you find yourself in a situation where the game will not launch or has an error upon launch please try the following.

1. go to: %localappdata%

Search for Wolverine_Studios and delete that folder, or the folders within (You may see a pro and/or college folder). That is the folder where the user settings are stored for the game. Deleting the files causes them to be rebuilt so it will not affect any of your leagues. In some cases these settings files can be corrupted by windows during a save... deleting them fixes the issue.

2. Try running as Administrator. 

3. You can also try adding DDSPF and/or DDSCF to your exception lists for any virus scanners or firewall programs you may be using. 

4. There also may be an issue with people who have their my docs folders set to sync with OneDrive... you should be able to go into OneDrive and mark My Documents\Wolverine Studios\DDSCF2020 as "Offline" or "Don't Sync" so that it's not locking files up while the game is attempting to access them.

5. Make sure you have .net 4.8 installed... you can get this from https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net48

For legacy products (2019 and earlier that use eSellerate)

1. If using products with eSellerate (prior to 2019) Search your computer for the file eSellerateControl365.dll and note the location. Then from a command prompt go to that directory and type REGSVR32.EXE eSellerateControl365.dll and you should get a message saying that it was successfully registered. Then try the game from there.

2. Download this file - unzip and run the installer which will reinstall the license control.