Instructions for Online Upload:

1) Create Online League

2) Purchase/Find Web Hosting with FTP access (Linux or Windows doesn't really matter...)

3) On the Configuration Screen, set up the following values.

Server: The FTP address of your server (example:

Remote Directory: The root directory you want your files saved into. (example: /nfl2/league)

Web Root: The Web Address that matches your remote directory. (example:

FTP User: The FTP User name

FTP Password: The FTP Password

FTP Passive Mode: Enable Passive Mode (normally this is fine to leave as is)

The key to this is that you have to know your remote directory and the web url that corresponds. In my case I have multiple sites hosted on the same server, so I have to go to my nfl2 subdirectory for my upload. If you are only hosting one site it may be a directory called public_html or something like that, or it may just be ok to upload to the root folder with no subdirectory at all. I use /league/ so that I can keep my root level files and site from being overwritten and I suggest this for any online league.

The web url has to match this, so if you put things in a subdirectory called /league/ then your web address will most likely contain /league/. 

Instructions for Online Workflows for Commissioner:

1) As a commissioner, load the league using the http address

2) Import all teams

3) Process any manual stuff (trades, etc.)

4) Advance the league/Sim a Week

5) Publish the league

Instructions for Online Workflows for Players:

1) As a player, load the league using the http address

2) Login from your team dashboard

3) Make changes to your team

4) Click Export under your team dashboard

*Note that if you are both a player and a commissioner you must follow the player instructions first before closing out of the game and going back in as a commissioner to pull exports.