AllPurposeRB - Improved receiving
AthBlocker - improved blocker
BadInfluence - bad decisions, penalties
BlockingTE - reduced pass targets, improved blocking
BoxSafety - Improved cover ability, tackling
BullRusher - Harder to block
CoverageLB - Coverage LB
DeepThreat - Targeted more for deep throws
Dualthreat - Running QB
FilmGeek - higher game intelligence
GameManager - better decisions
Gunslinger - throws deep
InjuryProne - injury prone
NoseTackle - AI for nose tackle
OFRedFlags - off-field trouble
Pick1Overall - #1 pick
PossessionWR - Targeted more in passing downs
PowerKicker - huge leg
PowerRunner - More straight line running, less lateral dancing
PressCorner - Improved cover ability
 - Targeted more in passing downs
 - Targeted more in passing downs
SlotCorner - Better Run Support
- Harder to block

ZoneCorner - Better Pass support

Legend - Mostly just a flag for someone who has been successful

Note that some of these are shared between PF and CF, not all are completely in use or have drastic effects. Some are more for AI decisions and less for performance. This list is not exhaustive, nor are we going to provide a lot of details on actual effects as these traits are meant to be modifiers of behavior or skills and not replacements for other aspects of a player such as attributes or skills.

New for PF21 will be the ability to assign multiple traits to a player.