AllPurposeRBAffects receiving
AthBlockerAffects blocking
AthleteAffects training
BadInfluenceAffects personality, morale
BlockingFBAffects blocking
BlockingTEAffects blocking
BookEndTackleAffects defensive alignment
BoxSafetyAffects defensive alignment, tackling
BullRusherAffects rushing QB
CenterfielderAffects deep defensive alignment
ClutchKickerAffects late game kicking
ClutchQBAffects late game passing
CommunityBenefactorAffects personality
CompetitorAffects personality
ConsummateProAffects training
CoverageLBAffects defensive alignment
DeepThreatAffects receiving
DevelopingStarAffects training
DistractionAffects personality
DivaAffects personality
DualthreatAffects QB decisions
FanFavoriteAffects personality
FilmGeekAffects overall decisions
GameManagerAffects overall decisions
GunslingerAffects QB decisions
HiddenGemAffects training
HybridLBAffects defensive alignment
InjuryProneAffects injuries
JourneymanAffects personality
LegendAffects personality
LockerLeaderAffects morale
MediaDarlingAffects personality
MrIrellevantAffects personality
NoseTackleAffects tackling
OFRedFlagsAffects personality and morale
PerceptiveAffects personality
Pick1OverallAffects personality
PossessionWRAffects receiving
PowerKickerAffects kicking
PowerRunnerAffects running
PressCornerAffects cover ability
ProBloodlineAffects training
RawTalentAffects training
ReceiveFBAffects receiving
ReceivingTEAffects receiving
RoleModelAffects mentoring 
RoughDiamondAffects training
ScatBackBetter movement
ShutDownCornerAffects cover ability
SlotCornerMore run support
SlotReceiverSlot receiver
SpeedRusherAffects rushing QB
TeamPlayerAffects morale
TenaciousBlockerAffects blocking
ThumperAffects tackling
UnderInvestigationAffects personality, morale
WorkoutFanaticTraining bumps
ZoneCornerPass support

Note that some of these are shared between PF and CF, not all are completely in use or have drastic effects. Some are more for AI decisions and less for performance. This list is not exhaustive, nor are we going to provide a lot of details on actual effects as these traits are meant to be modifiers of behavior or skills and not replacements for other aspects of a player such as attributes or skills.