Strength - Key attribute for making tackles, breaking tackles, holding blocks and breaking through blocks. Influences chance to force/avoid fumbles.

Agility - Key attribute for dodges/cutting when running with the ball. Affects tackling. Influences catches/interceptions. Affects ability to adjust in blocking.

Arm - QB key Attribute for getting a ball to a receiver. Higher Arm means more completions. Factors more on long throws.

Intelligence - Key attribute for awareness on the field. Helps QBs assess and react to blitzes, pull down throws, throw ball away to avoid sacks, avoid interceptions. Helps ballcarriers find holes, react to defenders movements. Key attribute for defenders to assess run vs pass and adjust behavior accordingly, especially getting out of coverage in reaction to runplays. Helps tackling by anticipating ballcarrier movement. Helps interceptions. Affects ability to adjust in blocking.

Accuracy - QB accuracy with his throws. Increases completion pct and lowers interception rate. Factors more on short throws.

Tackling - Defensive attribute for bringing down a ball carrier.

Speed - Key attribute for ALL players.

Hands - Key attribute for making catches and interceptions. Affects hand placement in blocking. Helps avoid fumbles.

Pass Blocking - Attribute to make successful pass blocks.

Run Blocking - Attribute to make successful run blocks.

Endurance - Key attribute for all players. Higher endurance players can stay on the field longer. Factors in on injuries and ability to avoid performance drop late in games.

Kick Distance - For kickers this affects FG pct at longer distances. For Punters this affects punt distance.

Kick Accuracy - For kickers this affects FG pct. For Punters this affects killing the ball inside the 20.

Overall – Overall rating. In DDSCF the game defaults to absolute overall.

Leadership – Allows player to improve the team’s morale. Motivates players to play better. Quells lockerrom mumbling. Lets players lead by example, for instance by standing tall in the pocket and take a hit, or fighting for that extra yard.

Work Ethic – Affects training

Competitiveness – How hard the player plays during the game. Affects morale when winning or losing. Affects performance in crunch time. Contested catches (both defense and offense). Affects training.

Team Player – Plays to win and less for accolades. Affects how well players gel as a team, thereby improving performance.

Sportsmanship – Players attitude towards the other team. Affects penalties.

Disposition – Temperament of the player, good locker room influencer, also affects penalties. Minor affect on development of young players.

Morale – Affects player temperament and performance. Winning games, winning awards all improve morale. Losing, not starting or getting injured and such can detract from morale. If morale gets low enough the player is more likely to affect the locker room negatively.


*Also See The Pro Football Guides as there is a lot of similarities in the engines for both games.*